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DJ Reverend Cybian: Play Lists

Here you can find play lists from various clubs and special events. I started writing down some of my play list during the last three weekends of Therapy at the venue Ministry. This is not a complete list, but just to give a general idea of what I spin.


This club was around June - July of 2000 and just reopened March of 2002. Apocalypse closed its doors on July 5th, 2002.


Robin Roth and Tom King bring you the best in dark underground music bringing you Darkwave, Ethereal, Goth, Industrial and more!. You can imagine I was probably the more. :) Every first Saturday of the month at The Kava Lounge in Sad Diego.

Darkwave Garden (DWG)

Darkwave Garden has been going around for years from a second room to a standalone club. Playing the best in Darkwave, Gothic, Post-Punk, etc. Perfect for the Dark Spinner of the Darkest of the Dark Spin.

Das Bunker

Outstanding power noize club that started in Long Beach, CA at the Que Sera and is now in Los Angeles, CA at the Catch One. Brought to you by my very good friend Franck and crew. Here's a few play lists from some of the guest spots I did there.


Club in San Diego, brought to you by Robin Roth. Two rooms to ensure you keep dancing all night long, was every third Sunday of the month, but currently looking for a new venue. Below you will find the play lists for the Wasteland room.


Club in San Diego that was geared towards the harsher things in life. Also brought in live acts. It was every 1st and 3rd Saturday at the Radio Room.


Club in San Diego that is geared towards the harsher things in life. Every 3rd Thursday at the Kensington Club.


Luminal was thee outstanding underground electronic dance club for many years that I helped promote/deejay. Luminal broke bounderious in many directions. Here all all the play lists (minus a few M.I.A) for Luminal featuring myself, Tom King, Brendan Cahill and guest deejays.


Once a month club in San Diego with DJ Precursor and guests. Special events to include live shows.


Some guest spots at the club Night Fall that used to be on Sundays at the Brass Rail in San Diego, CA.


This includes when I did my first guest spot at Sabbat to the last night I played there. Now includes latest guest spots
(Special thanks to Karma and Joe Forester for keeping all the play lists and donating them for my site!)

Special Events

Here you will find play lists from various special events that I have deejayed.


This is the first club I started deejaying with thanks to Bryan Pollard. Here you can view my play lists for the last three times it was held at the venue Ministry then various guest spots. Updated to include last residency that started November of 2002.


Underworld has been going on for many years at many venues. I have done guest spots from Emerald City, to the Brass Rail then to Shooters in 2006 and everywhere inbetween.

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